Happy new year friends!! I hope you had a good time celebrating? I am sure there was a lot to eat and drink… I hope you got to see your family?

This post was meant to be just one picture wishing you a Happy New Year. I don’t know what came upon me but I noticed I just kept typing.  This is the most random piece I have ever written. It just came out. So Enjoy!



Here is my message to you

Greet the year with  smile

Let your well springs burst forth

It’s a year in which you will break forth

I know you’ve been here before

That does not mean you’ll be here for long

The permutations of your heart

And the utterance from your mouth

Will shape your world and surrounding


Open your books, write

Open your heart, love

Open your mind to understanding

And watch your glory burst forth like the sun

Here is my message to you

This year is the year you achieve your dreams

It’s time to break forth!




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