Fasting is primarily a movement of willing abstinence or reduction from certain or all food, drink, or both for a period of time.

Fasting is the most powerful spiritual disciple of all the Christian disciplines. Through prayer and fasting your body is in submission and your spirit is alert to the workings of God in and around you.

Now, we know that this is fasting season in Nigeria. Some churches have declared days set aside for this amazing spiritual experience and I just decided to do a how to guide on how to fast. This how to guide will mostly be about integrating this spiritual exercise into our everyday lives.

  • Be mentally prepared: Have you noticed that the moment you decide on a fast, either collectively or individually, that’s when food, drinks and other objects being avoided look more desiring. These are tricks played on our mind by our mind. We must be mentally prepared to combat the urge to falter. Another variant of this is mindless eating. You innocently indulge in the object of avoidance mostly food and you feel totally bad… my pastor (Pastor Alex) says no need for guilt. Start where you faltered and continue on your spiritual journey. Don’t be stopped.


  • Stay in the spirit: Staying in the spirit is not a physical thing, you don’t have to squeeze your face and look scary, and you don’t need to suddenly break into shudders speaking in tongues wildly like you’re in a Madea movie. Staying in the spirit is an internal thing. Set your mind on God constantly. If you’re like me, have short phrases ready; mutter them under your breath from time to time. Remind your body that you’re on a spiritual journey. For some time now, the words I mutter has been “You presence is heaven to me” you should try this!


  • Hydrate if you need to: Don’t pass out, wisdom is profitable to direct. Also, please and please don’t walk around with your lips dry like harmattan leaves in Kano! Drink some water if you need to and buy some lip moisturizer.


  • Get breath mints: This point was seriously emphasized in my church on Sunday! We all laughed but it is the truth. There is nothing spiritual about mouth odour, we are trying to glorify God not make people run away from him.


  • Get a prayer friend: Have that friend that you communicate with, share prayer tips, points and declarations. That helps, no one likes to be alone… more importantly, try to make it to your group/church prayer meetings.


  • Hello Mr/Mrs Grumpy: Don’t be grumpy. If like me hunger and sleep makes you grumpy, make an extra effort. Be intentionally nice to people, make it a part of your spiritual exercise. Futher more, try to not be hungry, pray in tongues often if you don’t speak in tongues, please mutter your breath prayers as stated in number 2.

My church declared a fast that will last for 21 days so I will do parts 2 and 3 of this post. As my experience is enriched by the fast, I will share with you here.

Have a beautiful season of spiritual growth and supernatural experiences.






  1. I haven’t been able to participate in the begining of the year fast. It’s either I am pregnant or I am breastfeeding. Hubby usually does the yearly fast for us both. I hope to get my fasting groove back.. It is such a lovely thing to fast and hear from God for the new year.


  2. I like that you mentioned staying hydrated as a tip. I believe it’s important as well. Some people think dry fasting is the only way to go, but like you said, we must use wisdom. For me, when I’m hungry and sleepy, I get grumpy..haha. That’s something I have to be mindful of


  3. Oh this is a nice post! All needed tips. Especially being in tune in the spirit while fasting.
    One other point I would add is with fasting one is keeping their body away from physical food ,but they should not forget to feed it with spiritual food. Without loading up spiritual food it’s just a hunger strike. And there are a number of ways to feed the spirit.

    I’ve joined ya, I moved houses to wordpress!


  4. Loves it! It’s so true, and like Tamie said, fasting without the spiritual part of it is basically just dieting.

    I love the part about having key phrases and verses to meditate on and say throughout the day to keep you focused.


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