As usual, I have a scheduled post but as I walked past “Ikeja under bridge” yesterday, it struck me, I have to gist you guys all about it.

Now, I know all about the happenings at Ikeja because it’s my route to work. As y’all know, I am still believing God for a replacement to my car so in as much as I am almost never stranded, (Thank you friends with cars) sometimes I still have to bus it. Please don’t raise your eyebrows at me ‘bussing it’ biko… I started out cabbing upandan but then I found out that cab is only for special occasions when I was going to die of brokenness… you guys, I am just a young lawyer forgive me.  You must have seen my story of how I slept off on a bus, if you haven’t HERE is the link. The struggle is real yo!

Anyhoo, “Ikeja under bridge” is a bus stop. It is the most fascinating one I have ever been to in my entire life. You literally can find anything at Ikeja under bridge, from pink lips cream to stretch mark removal. The day I saw the colour of hepatitis was the day one of the guys asked me to come and get my tattoo and piercing done. Dear God, hepatitis has seven colours and they flashed before my eyes…  I briskly walked away.

As a not so sharp Nigerian girl, I have been a victim once. No I didn’t buy pink lips cream! I bought a 32 gig flash drive for 1,200 Naira. It was too good to be true but hey! I am a believer. I got home and the flash drive had nothing inside. It showed 32 gig on my computer but nothing would enter into it. Not even a Microsoft word document. See my life!

Ikeja under bridge will never cease to amaze me. They have powers to cure all sorts of illness and power to make your boo stay! LOL

I think the only thing you can’t find in “Ikeja under bridge”  is salvation. This fact I found out on the day a guy asked me if I needed ‘something special’ to keep my man (the dirty looking substance was wrapped in black nylon). I muttered Jesus under my breath and  jejely walked away.

“Ikeja under bridge” is unique location and a significant part of my journey to work. That is the location in which I get into a tricycle (KEKE MARWA) that takes me to work so I have inadvertently made a few friends. So if you accost me at ikeja under bridge and you hear a few people say sister how far!? Or you see me waving at keke drivers, do not be surprised. I am just finding my Lagos one day at a time.

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Have a beautiful weekend.

Our Fasting series will continue on Monday…







  1. This had me laughing and saying stuffs like; ‘I know right!’ 😀 I’ve been to Ikeja under bridge a couple of times but I always briskly pass by. The crowd is crazy, the traders are aggressive, they could even go as far as pulling you by the hand! But I’m glad you made a beautiful post out of it. Totally enjoyed reading it. 🙂


  2. There was a time one could find salvation there. This was right into us hitting the millennium mark though. There was also a time you’d hear “oya bring tyre!” Also, don’t forget the pick-pockets who constantly try to pull something out of one’s bag, especially schoolbags. I have click-baited by this twice, keeping my very important stuff in my front pockets and leaving useless items in the areas they’ll be more easily drawn to for an easy steal. Once I notice someone touching my bag, which I always do, I turn around to stare the person down. I’m (often) nice so I don’t hit. One of my brothers punched this klepto square in the jaw leaving him to tuck tail and away. Ikeja under bridge area really is interesting and has always been for the past 18 years I’ve frequented it.


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