This post is long overdue and I am genuinely sorry I have put it off for so long. I know!  I made promises and didn’t keep them! Forgive me. I have been swamped and things got a little more exciting in my personal life!



Now that you have forgiven me…. let’s talk fasting and prayers!

The bible records, in the presence of God there is liberty. Christians quote this scripture to hype people up in church but what it actually means is that you carry the presence of God around with you and because of this presence, you enjoy freedom amongst all the goodies the lord has for you.

Let me pause here and ask how is the fasting going for you? Are you enjoying the spiritual experience? Do you feel your spiritual muscles growing? And for ‘fit fam’ people like me, how is the weight loss going?

Hahaha I’m sorry lord, but I am using this fast as a weight loss booster as well! Oya, hands up if you’re doing same!

So today, I’ll be sharing my suggested fasting activities, music etc with you.

10 songs from my fasting playlist… what’s on yours?

  1. Your presence is heaven to me (Israel Hougton)
  2. Moving forward (Israel Houghton)
  3. Touch the sky (Hillsong)
  4. I get on my knees (Nicole Mulen’s version)
  5. This I believe (Hillsong)
  6. Our father (Don Moen)
  7. With all I am (Hillsong)
  8. Oceans (Hillsong)
  9. I just want to be where you are (Don Moen)
  10. Everything written about you is great (you can find on YouTube)

10 activities, basically my normal life except my terrific Tuesday waka, what have you been up to?

  1. Going to my job
  2. Listening constantly to gospel music
  3. Listening to messages by My pastor (Pastor Alex) and Rev Sam
  4. Going to court
  5. Speaking in tongues on the go
  6. I follow the bible reading plan I got from church.
  7. I go to evening fellowship
  8. I hang out with my fav people and take a million selfies!
  9. I drink one yummy smoothie per day and I make sure I do my work out either at the gym or at home.
  10. I always find myself listening to Falz’s Album. I guess it’s just a part of my day these days

Basically, this series is to help us integrate fasting into our daily lives and help us be functional while we engage in this spiritual Endeavour. How have you found it so far? What activities have you been up to?  What are you listening to? Please share in the comment section.

The third and final part of this series would basically explore what I have learnt in the days I’ve spent fasting.  This is open to everyone, if there’s anything you want to share, you are totally welcome. Please show interest in the comment section and I will contact you. Thanks

According to Larz




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