my favourite finger

I didn’t particularly like any of my features as a child. I was heavier than my sisters and  that made me a little self conscious. It wasn’t particularly low self esteem because growing up was awesome, I just wanted to be smaller.

I still want to be smaller. LOL

I digress.

I grew up in the up country; that meant loads of green land and fresh fruits. It meant you could have sugar cane for breakfast and eat mangoes until you get a running stomach.  My childhood was particularity fun because my parents did all they could to give us the best. So unlike other Ado kids, we had family vacations and enjoyed road trips.

Until Ado caught up with us.

I digress again.

So I was about 13 years old and my grandmother said in passing that she wanted some pawpaw. I decided I was grown enough to pluck the pawpaw myself, that was a bad idea. I picked up the PVC pipe my uncle normally would use for such an assignment and started to pluck.

The pawpaw fell and landed on my right thumb. I cannot for the life of me explain how that happened. All I remember was that my hand was on fire. There was blood everywhere and I was in excruciating pain.

My mum had taken a trip to visit my sister in Kogi State University. She had the driver take her and her long time friend Mrs Ogundele.  As she drove in, she saw me standing by the car park drenched in my own blood.

Of cos there was screaming and shouting  of the name of Jesus… a few thoughts  about how the enemy’s actual plan was for her to come home to a dead child but the lord prevailed.

There I was at the accident and emergency ward watching a doctor dress my wound. My finger nail had completely come off and was hanging on by a thin looking piece of tendon. The doctor had to excise the whole nail and some part of my tendon/muscle. The outpatient surgery was over and the doctor told my mum that the nail might never grow back.

Fast forward to about a year later. My finger nail started to grow. It was a slow process but my thumb made a full recovery. The nail didn’t just grow but it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to my hand. Beautiful slim finger nail that makes me smile every time I look at it.

I am sure you are wondering what’s with the random story.

In case you are going through life feeling like a waste of space, unhappy and in mental and emotional pain. You must remember that out of your worst pain comes your gain. Do not give up on life; everything will work out at some point.  I am not trying to feed you with cliché crap. I have my messed up times but I just hold on to hope that life will get better. I need you to hold on to hope too!

According to Larz






11 thoughts on “MY FAVOURITE FINGER

  1. Oh my! I cringed at the imagination I had of your nail hanging out. That must have been way too painful for a young teen! But this shows that even though the pain we face maybe seemingly overwhelming, beauty can (and will) be birthed if we do not lose hope. Lovely piece!
    God bless! ❤


  2. Like you, I was (and still am) the biggest of my siblings so I understand the sentiments behind this post. I’m glad you didn’t suffer any lasting deformity but got a thing of beauty after all that pain.


  3. Isn’t it so wonderful when beauty sprouts from a place of nothingness? This post was infused with humour but the underlying message had heart-warming depth. Indeed, there is light at the end of a dark tunnel.

    I am glad that your nail grew back nicely. I couldn’t help laughing at your mum’s reaction. 😀



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