Conversations + First Style post (KIMONO LOVE)


conversations 2

I did not post my blog goals for 2016 here but that doesn’t mean that I do not have a few. I decided amongst other things to have a theme for every month starting from February. Basically, every month will have a theme and all my blog posts for that month will come right under that theme. Of course I’ll still do random, spontaneous posts because what is Lara without a little madness! So here I present CONVERSATIONS.

It’s a month where all judgment shall be suspended, (Sorry judge Judys) I will come here to help you say the things  that you want to say but cannot/will not probably  for fear of judgment.

I’ll be exploring topics ranging from female sexuality to dead beat daddies and its going to be honest uncensored conversations about life and its weird realities.

DISCLAIMER ALERT: I’m sorry in advance, all the assistant holy spirits dem and heavens time keepers it’s about to get real up in here! this series my not be for you if you’re a judge judy or you love and embrace ignorance, chauvinism and sexism.

Don’t worry, I’m still born again. Hehe




I have done posts about hair, food and and a variety of topics that’s because I know my way around those topics. I am not really a tom boy but I just naturally suck at fashion. I am the kinda of girl that finds the use of body cream a chore and I randomly take off my wig in public (relatively) because I feel hot. Sigh

My fashion life is very easy (maybe a little too easy). If it’s comfortable and affordable, I’m definitely there! So, recently I woke up to the reality called a kimono! It’s easy to wear, it’s light and it doesn’t cost much so yes, it’s my new fashion must have!

My lovely lady friend Quirkytims gave me a yummy one. I started to enjoy it a little too much so I decided to buy one for myself. I went to a few shops and I was just hearing some demonic prices enh! Imagine 10 thousand naira for 2 yards of chiffon fabric? Am I the one that will pay your rent? Is it my fault that your shop has Air conditioning? Abi did you use gold thread to sew it ni? LOL

Pardon my ijebuness I am such an unapologetic cheap skate! Papa God! Pick up the phone ooo!

Anyhoo, I remembered that I bought one yummy fabric from the lovely Bennie my church member and so I decided to have my tailor make me a kimono…

I paired it with a lack camisole, black leggings and my one nation brown flats…

Make up details?? ERR nah. If you want to know the details of my make up let me know in the comment box below!

Ladies and gentle men…. Behold my KIMONO BEAUTY

kimono 0kimomo 10kimono 8kimono 2

Have yourselves a very lovely week!

According to Larz


10 thoughts on “Conversations + First Style post (KIMONO LOVE)

  1. Oga barrister lawyer, alias freedom fighter. Please spare me the English jargons and lets get plain enough without no sexual patriotism. I, for sure, like the dress sense. Simplicity with a spice that melts the heart.l but ladies and names for things sha. Is that not an oyinboish agbada you calling kimono? Sighs!


  2. Hi Larz,

    Ah! I love your wit, this post made me laugh, @ “assistant holy spirits” cracked me up so much. How do you think of these things?! XD

    I love your thriftiness a.k.a “Ijebuness” Your tailor did a great job! You look lovely too.

    Looking forward to the Conversation themed posts.


  3. Lol, Baba God pick up the call o. I am mrs thrifty aka akaglue. no apologies, 10k for a simple styled kimono. Naaa. You look good and ur tailor did a gd job.


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