We are  in the month of February, It’s supposed to be the month of love (I hate Valentines… I suppose you can tell already the reason however shall be explored in a later blog post!)  What kind of love is greater than amazing supportive crazy friendships? i never see o!

While we are in the month of conversations, we might as well talk about the very tricky but worth it entity called friendships. Enjoy!


  1. You’re not always going to like the people your friends are dating, building relationships with, and even marrying. They most likely would feel the same way about the people you’re with too. Deal with it.


  1. You will eventually realize that some of your friendships were/are one-sided. It’s heartbreaking but any kind of love has to be a two-way street for it to work. Sometimes such friendships are worth a second chance and with some honest conversations anything can happen.



  1. If someone keeps telling you they’re “too busy,” eventually you have to take this as a sign that they’re too busy for you. I was in Law school, running on four hours of sleep and barely any weekends off. The friends who mattered made time for me, and I did for them. “Being busy” is legitimate until it’s not anymore, and you’ll know when it’s not. Yea, such people are just too busy for YOU


  1. Some of your friends will get married and have babies, get better jobs and a well put together life before you’ve even figured out how to plan your life and future. It’s up to you and them whether this will be a barrier to your friendship. It shouldn’t be a barrier normally but in this part of the world, being married is seen as achieving some sort of super hero status and all of a sudden you’re not good enough for their new status… haha real friendships do not go down this path!


  1. It’s always advisable to have two or three solid friends you can count on than a host of people who won’t be there for you when it really matters. Because when the chips are down my sisteh! Your eye go clear o!


  1. Recognize that some friendships are strictly for fun. You must understand this fact and treat said friendships as such. You must not cast your pearls to swine I.e. don’t expect a fun buddy to understand your deep issues and proffer solution… he’s probably off having fun with another group of ‘fun friends’


  1. You will outgrow some friends. Similarly, other friends will outgrow you too. This is a given! Truth is it feels good when you’re the one doing the outgrowing LOL when somebody is outgrowing you sha… you want to shed hot tears LOL


  1. True friendship can handle the truth. No pretense and lies. You can truly be naked and not ashamed. You are wasting your life if you always get sucked into judgmental and overly critical friendships. People who are probably worse than you keep judging you cos they know your shit! Nah!


  1. Some friends are better taken in small doses. Don’t ever feel the need to endure inconvenient friendships. You are not crazy, some friends are meant to be taken once a month like period pain meds. Too much of it will make you get an ulcer. LOL I mean, you might become bitter and unhappy if you keep enduring such friendships.


  1. My final thought would be: be the kind of friend you want. If you want kind, considerate friends, be a kind and considerate person. The energy you put out will determine the kind of people that will flow into your life.


Conversations According to Larz…



  1. Hmm, great post. I agree with all points except point 4. You see marriage is hard work, keeping a home, having children to care for, caring for your husband at same time pursuing ur career is all time consuming. I know a lot of single friends feel that the married ones abandon them, but honey it’s not so. Marriage is not an achievement per say as u said. Most people work five days a week, weekends u have to go to the market, cook, clean up, visit inlaws, attend to the kids, attend to urself too. It’s nt easy keeping up with friends honestly. I try to do so thru phone calls/BBM. But returning ur visits is truly hard. When single I could wake up and decide to go across the city to visit a friend, but now I am married with kids, it’s not possible. Biko, make una no vex.


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