Hello Darlings!


You know I just randomly drop a life update here on the blog. Well, I am back again sharing my life update but this time, it’s with a twist!

I will also be sharing blog update… Who’s excited?

Let’s start with my lush but edgeless Hair shall we?

HAIR: You know I am a Naturalista Sistah! LOL I wear my natural hair and I am in love with it. Well, we shall be four years old in a few months and I must say the love has only waxed stronger. However,  I have lost my edges to an unfortunate drama with Marley twists from hell! I have left my hair alone since and I am trying to gain said edges back.

LAW/DAY JOB: Day job is going great. Actually you guys, when I returned from university I had lofty amazing dreams. I always saw myself changing the world and helping abused women and children. I get to do this on a daily basis but the realities of working that kind of a job in Nigeria is daunting to say the least.  Truth is, some days are amazing and others are meh! Well, I dey survive!

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: No word yet. I am definitely not engaged Becuh if I were engaged, you would be blinded by my bling already, I would have changed my blog name to and flipped my banner and just put up a huge picture of my ring!

LOL I kid I kid.

I am learning, living and loving. I am reading books, and praying; not for a partner, but that the lord will make me an amazing partner to the MR, I will be patient, loving and an amazingly freaky Christian wife. I pray that the lord will make my home a haven for me, the MR, the children and the ones the lord will use us to help. I am taking my time to be the kind of partner I want. I am also trying to find the balance between feminism and home making. My head too dey hot LOL chai!

FATNESS errr FITNESS: I’ve got both good and  bad news, which one do you want first? Ok! I’ll choose for you and share the good news first!

I have lost 14 kilograms and boy do I feel like Agbani Darego… Then, I look in the mirror and saw what’s left!

Bad news time, Brace yourselves for this; I am still fat! And the 14 kg feels like I fetched a bucket of water out of Oniru beach! Chai! There is God o!

Well, I am still on the hustle and I hope to completely overhaul my life from the inside out. So help me God! One must strive to be a better version of one’s self, you are too special to be stuck in the caterpillar stage, that butterfly must emerge.

Life hasn’t changed much but I expect to enjoy grace fully this year. BTW, I seriously covet #Olajumoke’s Testimony! The lord will find me, handpick me and bless me much more than my mind can imagine or think. Did I hear a Loud Amen!!!???






Did I mention, that my selfie game is now stronger than five days old Akpu? Strong ass selfie game of life! Let me just tell you, I am feeling myself these days like crazy!








BLOG UPDATE: I am so excited about the blog, and I have you my dear readers to thank. You are amazing! Yes, you! Thank you for every view, comment and like! The blog is doing waaaayyy better than I expected, seeing that I ignored her for a whole year! (Story for another day my loves!)

I am back now and I love the acceptance and love. Please let us do better, spread the word about

Tell your kids and wives, tell a friend to tell another friend. Please take the time to share on social media. Don’t chop alone!  If you have questions, observations, advice or any topic you want me to write/talk about please do not hesitate to fire me that email!

Now that I have a bit of structure, I have decided after much consideration to have posting days. So yes, I shall be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. This way I can keep up with my day job, starting my business, blogging and actually living life!

That’s all for Blog update my people. Keep enjoy my witty, eccentric take on life.

I love everyone of you.

According to Larz






8 thoughts on “LIFE/BLOG UPDATE!

  1. Hi Lara,

    I wonder if I can ever read any of your posts with a straight face, you always sprinkle generous portions of humour and wit. @ “” XD

    My friend just peeked at my computer screen and she commented that your hair looks soft.


  2. Yes yes, I’m commenting on an old ass post but I really like the way you write. I enjoy reading it a lot! I better stop now before I expose myself for a stan that I am. Subscribed!


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