I receive a lot of compliments but my favourite kind are the ones that testify to my intelligence, wit etc. I must tell you, I suck at taking compliments so I end up saying something totally stupid LOL

Someone said to me lately, you’re always happy. I can’t remember my actual reply but I am sure it was along the lines of “well, what can I do?”.

A few days later, I changed my BBM Display picture and a friend sent me a message, “you keep that smile on, despite all!” Now she was genuinely shocked at my disposition because she is privy to some happenings in my personal life.

This was meant to be a feel good Saturday post but I might as well motivate and inspire someone out there. The joy in your heart is yours! The world didn’t give it to you and the world, pressure, life and it’s craziness cannot take it away. So slap on some make up and Put a smile on your face because your tough times will not last forever. You will come out shining!!!



For some time now, I have been trying to write myself a professional Bio but I get stuck right after I write my name and the fact that I am a lawyer. Does this happen to you? I have been trying to set up an about me page for my blog for ages and I haven’t been able to.

You know why this is weird? I talk about myself a whole lot, I actually honestly feel I am the best thing that happened to the universe after the big bang!

OK, I am not conceited, arrogant nor proud. I am just very secure in who I am (Every extra KG) and the God in me. I cannot say that I don’t have a bit of narcissistic trait but aren’t we all our own loudest cheer leader?

Help a sister, why can I not write a 200 words about myself?

I will completely appreciate helpful tips in the comment box below. also the ones who just want to drop a comment about my beauty and angelic smile are welcome too! Hehe


MAKE UP: Tabbie creations… Everything lifestyle and more!

PHOTO CREDIT : My celebrity friend Ayoola  @Ayo_olla (IG)


OUTFIT: Random pick! I have a thing for Dashiki. (Wayyyy before it became a fad!)

If you want to me to do a post on the outfits worn, please leave me a comment and i’ll get right to that.

According to Larz



13 thoughts on “SHADES OF HAPPY

  1. Writing an about me for me was challenging. What do I say? How do I want to come across? How will people judge me? Then in the end, I kept it short and really I am who I am and if some like it great and if some don’t, fine. I think you will have some fabulous words to say about yourself. And yes, life happens… The ups and the downs. We all go through our own challenges. 2015 was especially challenging and I’m still going through the residual pain of it. I have to pick myself up daily. But I’m doing it. I also find if I’m happy, others around me are too and it’s a nice chain reaction. Spread the cheer! I love your fashion sense! You have amazing style. Great post. Keep on keeping on! Best, Koko:)


  2. Hi Larz,

    You seem to have a bubbly personality, it shows in your words and even your photos.

    Self-acceptance is everything! Be your biggest cheerleader and your confidence will shoot to the sky.

    Tips for bio page- Think of the things you love about yourself and also the things others love about you.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    PS: Your smile is so angelic, they’ve even got their own set of wings. Lol


  3. “The joy in your heart is yours! The world didn’t give it to you and the world, pressure, life and it’s craziness must not be allowed to take it away”… Had to rewrite this to suit my today. Thanks for visiting my blog


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