I did not plan to blog about this short trip but well, there you have it. So I am in a hotel, where I can use towels and dump them and expect new ones, I can sleep in a bed I don’t have to make and basically just exist out of a space I don’t have to look after talk about bliss!  I am already dreaming about breakfast eh! You guys do not even know what I am up to!

tiers 1

I was invited amongst other lawyers to the Teirs Initiative’s Litigation Surgery on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity training.

“The training will bring together Lawyers from across Nigeria and implemented in partnership with Heartland Alliance; Global Initiative for Human Rights and Initiative for Strategic Litigation in Africa The essence of this Training is to develop Lawyer’s capacity on strategic litigation on SOGIE rights, advocacy, promotion and protection of rights of LGBT persons in Nigeria using best practice. The training workshop is scheduled to hold from the 23rd – 24th of February 2016. Participants are expected to arrive on the 22nd February 2016”

I arrived tonight and I must say I love it already, the hotel is lovely and simple and the service is impeccable. I will do a review in a later post but first let me tell you my expectations from this lovely initiative.

Basically, I am here because I am a human rights advocate and activist and I have chosen not to turn a blind eye to the plight of gay people in Africa. Humans are humans.

  • During this few days I plan to make 5 new amazing and meaningful connections.
  • Develop my capacity on strategic litigation on SOGIE rights, advocacy, promotion and protection of rights of LGBT persons in Nigeria using best practice. This is something I didn’t learn in all my years in school and to be taught while being pampered? I’m so in!
  • Meet experts in this field and just drink from their wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • Network my butt off! I plan to make both personal and professional friends.

Those are a few of my goals for the next few days. I will blog at the end of each day encapsulating the training and a bit of personal stuff.  I will also try to get decent pictures: Biko, don’t expect fashion o! I only brought a couple short dresses, a pair of flats and a pair of brogues.

My DSLR camera lacks lenses at the moment so I usually use my tiny point and shoot cannon camera and guess what!? This genius forgot her camera at home. Although home is 2,000 naira yellow cab away, I am not ready to see that house until Thursday!

Hotel sleep is sweeter chai!

tiers 2

See you tomorrow where we shall be discussing serious issues bothering on human rights! Not every day clown, Sometimes serious lawyer!

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