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edakun! how do i dealwith stress-

I have to confess, I have been under serious stress. I am tired all the time and I have not exercised in a month. (Covers face) to make matters worse, I am a stress eater and I’ve been making friends with some pretty unhealthy foods lately. I also have to confess to the occasional snicker bar.

This raises some questions

Why do I feel so tired and angry all the time?  This is not even a joke! I am like 3 shades darker than I used to be. See, I wasn’t ever team light skin but something is trying to cover my glory but no! I will not agree! (Robosekekeke Fire!)

I have been toying with the idea of taking a day off, probably treat myself to a mini spa day or take a day trip somewhere.  I am really thinking of going to Ibadan and Visiting IITA or Lekki conservatory. Either way, I shall decide!

With all the craziness, I had a few sweet spots last week, unplanned favours, gifts etc… I just looked up and smiled.



I hadn’t combed my hair for a couple of weeks so I decided to put in nice braids. Let me just tell you, my braids are so nice!

I will try to share pictures over the weekend. I am in love with the hair and I have been wondering where the hairdresser hid all my hair cos this my big head / hair has been braided up into these light twists very easy to maintain!

You think I’m done typing?

No, I am not! The worst for me was when I sent a picture of myself to a dear friend this morning and the compliment I received was “You look stressed” I almost cried! That hurt like a B word! As though that wasn’t enough, I got to the office and the receptionist after saying good morning (Thank Goodness) asked me, “did you use a foundation darker than your skin tone”?

That was the last straw that broke the camel’s back! I am going to bleach my face alone! I kid!


Oya, let’s talk, help a sister.

How do you stay on fleek even though the weather is hot as an oven and Lagos stress is unrelenting? How do you keep your complexion in check? What are your coping mechanisms for stress and what do you do to de-stress?

Please share your beauty regimen with me. What can I do to keep it together even when work, life and everything gets stressful?

P.S: You know, when I am down, I always do an encouraging post because in the process, I encourage myself and life becomes doable once again. This time I decided to let you in on my actual life. I have no interest in creating an illusion that everything is perfect all the time. I hope you can relate!


I will totally appreciate your comments and emails.

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18 thoughts on “I AM STRESSED. FULL STOP!

  1. I’m not teamlightskin but the heat has made me a shade darker. (just bought suncreen today hope that helps)
    You def need a day off (took wednesday off when i went to court and the magistrate had to ask if i was alright) i knew i had enough stress.
    I’m on braids at the moment too – I tell you i’m fleeking with it

    Keeping complexion in check is the hardest part (skin experts in Nigeria swear by “mixing” creams which i fear will end up bleaching. Lets just pray for the wet season to begin.


  2. I agree with changingpostcodes, use sunscreen and definitely take a day off if you can. Calm down. Meditate. Suck on an ice cube. Cry or laugh noisily (it gets rid of tension) and begin to contribute to more sustainable weather. Plant a tree yo!
    Shower often. Do a lemon/yogurt or turmeric/honey/yogurt face and body mask. No need to bleach.



  3. I so understand this you should read my post on March goals where I talk about not being stressed your not alone love keep strong❤️❤️


  4. Pele my sister. I can relate with how you feel because I am incredible stressed too. And it seems March turned it up a notch. Yes, you should take a day off, but I’d recommend more than a day if you can afford it, considering the demands of work. I intend to do less this weekend and figure out how to get myself back. Moreover, just like you I stopped my exercise routine. I think if we get back to it we’d reclaim more ground faster, for workouts kill stress. Hope you feel much better soon.


  5. I’d advice you take a day or two off. I’ve done that when I needed a break, especially from work. It’ll help your body recover a bit, plus you can get enough hours of sleep (7-8 hours). Try a workout regimen, maybe a few times a week. I do 3 times a week. Also, a face scrub would help brighten your face. Oh, drink lots of water. I believe that helps too.


  6. Awwww Pele!
    I am part of the lesser % of Nigerian women who don’t know a thing about skin regimen/ fleek makeup. So won’t be able to give you much on that.
    Mami, you just have to look for a way to address the stress please…so you don’t break down. Just look for those simple things that normally make you feel good and indulge. When I am stressed , I start with long bath (mostly a cold one)…then doze off for hours.
    Do feel better soon.


  7. Hello dear, I believe the weather is getting better now after the series of rainfall.
    For the stress….try speaking in tongues, write down your face tnoughts so you can deal with them as they surface.
    Cast all your cares on Jesus….He cares!
    We care also.


  8. This was me all of February, try that for a whole month. I took several days off but even on my days off, I was stressed (like say dem send the stress). But God took away all that stress, like magic! It’s not even a joking sturvs. I just spoke to God about all of the things that were stressing me and how I needed not to be stressed again and like a loving father, Baba took control. Turns out being a control freak with my life was what was causing the stress and when I let go and let God, I felt better. Everything didn’t necessarily change completely but my behaviour towards things changed.

    PS: About the skin issue, sunscreen is bae. It takes a while to work but it will eventually, just be consistent with it.



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