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Happy International women’s day!  This is an amazing day, one where we get to celebrate women all around the world. I was going to do a post about understanding Equality but I decided against it because I spent my morning on a march advocating Education for the Girl child as a way of bridging gender gap.

We walked for about 50 minutes and I took 15,000 steps according to my fit watch. I was so proud of myself. Today’s workout is done! The walk was great, I threw caution to the wind as I shouted “women’s right is human right” on the streets of Ikeja. I even waved at a couple of my keke marwa friends. LOL

I just want to say today, whatever you do celebrate yourself and every woman around you. We indeed started from the bottom and now we are here, but we still have a long way to go and we do not have any plans to stop.

As a matter of fact, I have never seen a group of people as discriminated against as much as African women. Yet we live with our heads high making a difference in our different areas of Endeavour. We do not back down in shame and curl up and cry. We keep going, we keep working hard and we keep hope alive.


We African women will not give up on equality, we live in the hope that someday our complex mix of strength, weakness, hope, love, heart, faith, pain and resilience will culminate in an almost spiritual, breath taking eruption which the world will hear, listen and obey.

This is a quick post I whipped up to celebrate every woman out there.  You know I love quotes: writing them and reading them so I came up with a few to celebrate #IWD2016





According to Larz



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