Update + Chit Chat + Feeling better!

I know I owe ya’ll some update here so I am here quickly dropping it. I have been super busy; I have had a busy day and right now it’s past closing time. It’s 6.45 pm right now, the office building is almost empty but I am at my desk typing and hoping no one locks me in here.

TRAINING UPDATE: I had such an amazing time at the training, it was my favourite way to spend time. Learning new stuff and meeting new people for me is absolute Bliss.

I learnt so much and right now, I go back to my notes when I need to solve a problem and I feel like pulling out the big guns!

I got to meet really funny people as well. I had a good laugh after the training sessions with drinks, company and the hot weather of course! I love to meet hilarious people and boy! Did I meet Fikemi.

I am happy to announce that I achieved all the goals set out in THIS POST and yes! I have kept in touch with about 40% of them! *Pats self on the back*

LET’S TALK ABOUT THE STRESS POST: Thank you to everyone who reached out, in prayers, advice, beauty tips and well wishes… I am genuinely thankful. I feel a whole lot better and here is proof.



I even found the time to do a nude look which was so nice… if I do say so myself.

I basically identified the sources of my stress and tried to alleviate them, some I took out completely… I cannot come and go and kill myself.  

LATELY, I have been doing some thinking, I talk way too much about myself either on this blog or in my actual life. I would really like to talk about someone else… so if you have something special to share with me and my friends out here or even the general public, I would be delighted to interview you and talk about you. Contact me if you are interested.

Finally, I have an announcement to make but I’m still working on it. I cannot wait to share with you guys the big news!!

PS: The giveaway is still on… we have got 6 days to go! Have you entered the give away? Oya go and enter o!


End of post. 6.57pm

According to Larz













8 thoughts on “Update + Chit Chat + Feeling better!

  1. Am glad you feel much better and the stress mode is history. ((Hi 5*))
    About that interview , maybe in would hit you up .
    Have a lovely weekend dearie.. Going for the NITC event?


  2. Hi Larz,

    How are you?

    Lol @ ” I cannot come and go and kill myself.” Funny how stress can be a vicious cycle, life happens and we get stressed, then we get even more stressed trying to stop being stressed.

    You look happy, I hope your weekend went well.

    Have a great week!


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