kissed frog

I kissed a frog and I didn’t like it.

This post is meant to be deeply personal but really? Why get so deep and weird when we can make fun of my personal life’s drama.


In my life’s journey, I have heard that you have to kiss a few frogs before you meet your prince. I have never believed in this saying, you will agree with me that some of these things people say are just BS.  It’s easy however to think that everything is BS until life shows you the real, this is why as a self aware adult, my least favourite people in the world are people who are not in touch with reality. These people seem to live in some sort of bubble, clueless and with the emotional maturity of a 14 year old.

I kissed recently kissed a frog! I can’t gist you guys more than that because I do not want to get into it and then wash all my dirty laundry right here. Plus, I dread that phone call from my mama asking “must you write about everything in your life”?

I do not completely feel at ease with the term” kissing a frog”, but this situation I am in at the moment has me feeling slimy like I actually kissed a frog in an amoeba infested pond. When your mouth is slimy, you can’t even deny! LOL

image from google


As a matter of fact, I do not want a prince, I do not need to be rescued or whisked away, I like my life as it is and I feel great about my choices. So the idea of a prince swooping in and making everything better is not my kind of love.

Everything is fine, but if you show up with a private jet and a bottomless pocket I just might call you “Tha prince” LOL I kid.


This is a very random post!

According to larz



8 thoughts on “I KISSED A FROG!

  1. haha I agree with you. This kissing frogs stories before you meet a prince theories are just BS. I love the randomness. Tell your mum we can’t help it sometimes 😉


  2. HI Larz,

    Underneath the humour, your “personal depth” peeked through. Lol @ Private jet & bottomless pocket”. 😀

    The “frog-kissing” phenomenon also applies to the non-romantic aspects of our lives. Some of our unpleasant/challenging experiences make us equipped to handle the better things ahead.

    As we journey through life, we live and we learn, we live some more and learn some more.

    Enjoy the rest of the week.


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