Everyone knows I am obsessed with oral health and hygiene; this is a massive area of life and living that some people sadly ignore. I have done several posts in the past about this topic and I  have spent some time making fun of mouth odour and shit but I am sorry, those moments were… I don’t have an excuse jor.

I wanted to do a series called “Doctors orders” it is a series that should bring you medical information and education but I haven’t fully developed the idea. During the week, I was inspired to talk to my friend who is a real life dentist/ dental surgeon let’s call her Dr O.

She took the time to educate me on some important information that will help me achieve optimum dental health and I have decided to share with you.


I could have come up with a few tips as to oral health and share, but I decided to bring you correct and useful information from a real life dentist.



  • Before you embark on a journey to complete oral health, you must see your dentist. You want to know the state of your Oral cavity (see me using big grammar!) Really, you need to know the state of the nation LOL. You should find out if there’s anything wrong, if you have cavities, perforated gums, infections etc.



  • After the visit to the dentist, you are ready to embark on your journey. The next step is for you to have your teeth professionally cleaned at least once a year. Don’t be that guy or girl in the Gucci outfit with mouth odour! It doesn’t look good on anyone! Doctors orders!


  • Brush your teeth two times daily. We must be responsible biko, you don’t want to be the play ground for bacteria ‘azonto fiesta’ it should not just stop at brushing twice daily you must do it the correct way. My next post will dwell on techniques you must employ to effectively brush your teeth.



  • Avoid toothpick like a plague! Doctor lo so be! Stay away from toothpicks like you would stay away from a Yoruba demon. Well, I make sure I stay away from emotionally manipulative men (people) A.K.A Yoruba Demons and so should you! Ok, don’t come and debate here on Yoruba demon issue. Toothpick creates holes in the gum and this causes infections amongst other things.(You should understand my Yoruba demon analogy by now) The topic as to the use of  hard brush is story for another day but while you avoid toothpicks, stay away from hard brushes too. Now you may ask, if I should not use tooth picks what then shall I use? Well, flossing is your friend, (not like Nigerian police o)



  • Do not brush your teeth within 30 minutes of consuming acidic fruits and drinks to avoid erosion of the enamel, this erosion causes tooth sensitivity and this is capable of making your life hell! Dr O also advised that you drink acidic content with a straw this way; you can reduce contact with your teeth.


This list above is not exhaustive, there is loads of information available but I didn’t want to cram all into this one blog post so there will be follow up posts on this space!

I hope that you have learnt something; if you have tips of your own to share, or maybe you have questions for Dr O, I will be glad to help so you should feel free to drop by the comment box and let’s have a chat!

According to Larz




  1. Hi Larz,

    Very informative post, thank you for sharing. A “Doctors orders” series would be a great idea. 🙂

    Lol @ “flossing is your friend, (not like Nigerian police o)”. Most people are not aware of the importance of interdental hygiene.

    Have a good weekend.


  2. I didn’t know toothpicks were bad for you. This is the first time I’m hearing it. Anyway, I’m trying to floss more. I honestly was never interested before last year.

    This reminds me. I’m due for another dentist appointment.


  3. Yea, I’m still not going to brush twice daily. It’s just too much work for me. I floss once in a while, and mouth-wash is my friend. Good to learn about the toothpick issue, even better as I’d personally put them aside for a while. Thanks to you and Doc O for this.


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