This post is a very short one.  I decided to type this post because of an experience I had a few days ago.

I have been on my period and I have tried to remain as comfortable as I can be but because I have a little drama down in that department it’s been a struggle.

I was in court yesterday and I had a long ass day which meant that I had to change my “sanitaries” at the court house toilet. I also was super uncomfortable because everything I sat on felt like wood! I was super uncomfortable.  I’m sure you ladies understand, everything will just be annoying abi? In fact I got in a mini fight sef. LOL

As I left the court room around 2pm, a thought struck my mind. The thought was so raw and sharp and it hit me like a slap. The devil was trying to minister nonsense to me and I wasn’t going to have none of that. As I walked down the stairs I thought, “All your mates are married with actual babies and you’re pregnant with——“I almost fell off the stairs because the thought hit me like a damn slap. But I wasn’t about to turn the other cheek.

See, the devil was not wrong in its postulations, my friends are actually pregnant but you see, the devil is short sighted.

I immediately paused and told the enemy he was stupid and he was wrong to be trying me with that mess today! I consciously replaced that thought with positive words and promises from the bible. I let the devil understand that although it may look like I am nothing now; the bible has said that my latter shall greatly increase! I let him know that I was a child of covenant and Jesus stood in blood and swore to me to always be with me. He took away my sicknesses and pain, he didn’t just take them away but he gave me hope and love and the assurance that it doesn’t matter what happens to me in this world, he will not leave me nor forsake me.

I held on to my covenants and kept walking keeping my head high! I can’t let one devil come and ridicule me and my three degrees! Miss me with that mess!!!

Mt dearest, the weirdest and craziest thoughts will come to your mind, negative thoughts will try to create its nest in your heart but you and I will stand out ground and maintain an only positive vibe zone.

I wasn’t going to share this experience but I just thought, someone out there is dealing with negative thoughts and negativity in general I really wanted to reach out. The bible didn’t say the devil won’t come, it actually said he will come like a flood but the spirit of God will raise a standard against him. Hey, I am not trying to speak “christianese” or be forming angel Uriel ; but for real,  the only  thing keeping me afloat in these times is my faith.

I hope you enjoyed this short gistxortation (Gist/exhortation)

Have a lovely weekend.

According to Larz




  1. Tola my dear, I can understand these feelings.
    Let me tell you something, don’t be in a hurry to get married. Banish those thoughts my sister.
    I remember having those thoughts when I had surgeries some years ago but now I’m just asking myself why I didn’t focus on some tangible goal which I’m just slowly getting back to.
    You’re on the right path with your career and this article just helped me. It’s been a tough month with all the negativity.

    Thanks for sharing


    1. Thanks for reading Nana! I am not in a hurry o. In fact I am trying to make this the best part of my life. I have goals in the pipeline that I will love to achieve before pregnancy brain sets in. I am loving my life, the freshness and frequency if ideas before I become “encumbered” but all these will not stop the enemy from trying to make it seem like your life is going wrong!


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