It’s been exactly 11 days since I posted on this blog. I am sorry, I have let life take a hold of me even though I smile and say I am ok, I am mostly not. The cycle has ended and I have emerged.

How is everyone doing? How was your long weekend? I had so much fun and I tried to document a bit of it and I shall share soon. This post I am about to share is a very interesting one, I am sure you can tell already from the title of this post. Don’t worry; you will still be spiritual at the end of this post.

I actually had this typed up about 10 weeks ago; I decided to tweak it finally post. This is a welcome back post and I hope you enjoy it.

I am sure everyone is asleep as I type but I am here jamming to Nina Simone and feeling all kinds of powerful.

Below are 7 facts about the female vagina, Genitalia, Glory land, Sword keeper etc LOL.  I don’t know what you call yours but I am super comfortable with the word vagina. I am sure people have several nicknames for this part of the body, personally, I think it deserves some respect (Aunty Vag)  if you’re not too shy share your preferred tem with me in the comment box below.  Nigeria and my seriously conservative childhood did not succeed in making me uncomfortable about my sexuality. I do not subscribe to indiscriminate sexual interaction but I also do not believe in shame on the basis of sexuality. It’s an integral part of our humanity and there’s nothing shameful about it.

I do not subscribe to indiscriminate sexual interaction but I also do not believe in shame on the basis of sexuality. It’s an integral part of our humanity and there’s nothing shameful ab

Let’s talk Vagina shall we?

  • DID YOU KNOW that the word Vagina literally means “Sheath for a sword” do I need to say more?
  • THE VAGINA SELF CLEANSES BUT YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK: ok, the inside of the vagina was made at creation to cleanse itself but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash the Vulva! I have heard people say just water is enough to cleanse the vulva. My one kobo, go and buy VAG Wash and wash your property very well Biko! I don’t want to hear fish story!
  • THE VAGINA IS NOT A SPIRITUAL TOOL FOR GETTING AND KEEPING A MAN: there is apparently a misconception about using sex to get and keep a man. Well, don’t waste your youth trying to please anyone, any man you need a strategy to keep probably isn’t worth your time. Sex is not love and love is not sex, I am not a relationship expert but I know that your Vag is not a man catching tool.
  • JUST LIKE OTHER HUMAN FEATURES, every woman is different down there don’t let anyone body shame you, better still, don’t trouble yourself. Some people have small nose, pointy nose, flat nose etc so long it can transport oxygen and sometimes smell, a nose is a nose. Same with the Vagina, there is no actual way it should look. Who died and made some people Vagina police?
  • THE VAGINA HAS SOMETHING IN COMMON WITH SHARKS! It’s a substance called squalene found in the liver of sharks. It’s a natural lubricant. Jisoxx!
  • THE VAGINA IS JUST ANOTHER PART OF YOUR BODY. Get acquainted with it, name it, talk to it, do whatever you like. Take a good look at it from time to time, you’re not allowed to feel any form of shame. The vagina is not a burden of woman hood; it’s a body part which happens to be tucked away for very private parties. LOL
  • ROOT VEGETABLES CAN SPROUT IN THE VAGINA; I read online a story of a foolish woman whose mother told to insert a potato in there to prevent pregnancy. She actually did and the potato started to sprout, a Gynecologist had to have it removed! How about you close your legs lady, you’re obviously not ready for the responsibilities involved in sexual activity.

I personally find the last point very disturbing because I can’t seem to be able to stop picturing it CRINGE!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I think I will stick around long enough to post three times this week! Did I mention that I had a fabulous weekend?

Have a beautiful week darlings!

According to Larz



16 thoughts on “LETS TALK ABOUT VAGINA!

  1. Laughing so hard… Had to shar the jokes with hubby. Lol @ Small nose, pointy nose…….it is well with your soul my dear.
    Nice line up of thoughts. Keep up the good work.


  2. Hi Larz,

    Lol @ “Sheath for a sword” I had no idea. Very apt.

    I agree with you, our conservative society has made us believe that genitalia is a dirty word. I used to whisper ‘Vagina’ when I was a teenager, it seemed like one had questionable morals if they had the boldness to say it aloud. Laughable in retrospect as it’s only a body part. 😀

    Very informative post.


  3. I love mine!
    It’s a wonderful body part,
    and the source of so much pleasure,
    as well as control over other people!


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