I am not a happy new month kinda person but since it’s my birth month and I am actually excited. I am never excited about birthdays and I really do not know why. I just have never been a birthday person mostly because I don’t like the weird overly cheerful smiling, the thank yous, oohs and ahhs. I just don’t like pointless chivalry. I have been known to say things like “happiness is exhausting”. I swear I am not a sadist.

This time around, I am actually excited. I am happy mostly because life and its drama are dictating otherwise but ya’ll know I stay defying gravity.  Hey, do not give life the pass to walk all over you, join me as we defy gravity.

It is the month of May and the first week was tough especially with my Job. On the other hand, I got amazing news which I shall share in good time.

I spent the May Day weekend having fun and living on my own terms. I spent a lot of time taking photos for my Documentary/photojournalism page on Instagram FINDINGMYLAGOS please go follow!

I went on a photo walk with one of my best friends who’s here visiting from the states and I haven’t seen her in over 4 years! I enjoyed talking, walking and exploring Surulere together.

Then we went back to her apartment and played table tennis on her Xbox! I had a good time playing games like a kid and sweating. I think I recorded over 6,000 steps on my fit bit. Fit fun Yay!

I later went to my bae’s house. Everyone knows Tosin is bae. I should blog about how we met and how I landed one of the best female friends anyone has ever seen. We guard our chats like crazy because we’re proper crazy!

Fast forward… Sunday, I begged my friend Ayoola to take me to Food and Drinks festival organized by GTBank. Guys, the begging no get part two! This no car life must end soon biko! But Ayoola is a nice guy; he took me and had a better time than I did. He enjoyed every moment there!

Enjoy pictures….


On Ass Kissing.

A while ago, I tweeted at Chude who is one of my favourite young people in this country. I have met him a couple of times and we aren’t friends but he’s someone I would walk up to and say hello, probably re introduce myself. Yass! He’s quite cool. He shared some words with me on twitter about learning from people who are ahead and not worrying if you seem like you’re kissing as or famzing. I have been trying to take his advice and I am actively looking for a mentor. (I haven’t had one in over 6 years)  My bullshit detector is wicked!!!

I AM STARTING A BIRTHDAY COUNTDOWN!!! I think I am excited… 20160213_161208-2

How is everyone doing? Please share with me in the comment section. This is not an attempt to write something, I actually want to know how you’ve been, what you’re working on etc…

Love and light

According to Larz




  1. Happy birthday in advance!!! And nice lipstick too. Plus this mentorship thing has been in my head recently. Someone once told me – I can see far, because I stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before me – Good choice!
    Oh, and lately it’s just been work, work, work.



  2. Happy Birthday in advance.. Mentorship is actually very important but i find that in Nigeria a lot of the mentors do not even understand the concept of mentorship which makes it hard for you to learn of them but there are a few good ones out there. hopefully you find some one


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