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How is everybody doing today? I have a question and this is mainly because I have been going to and fro on the internet. Seriously, I think I spend too much time on social media. It’s not a bad thing right?

Let’s get to today’s post!

I read a while ago about a man who’s girlfriend donated one of her kidneys to save his life and now said man feels like he’s fallen out of love with her and wants a break up. I didn’t pay the post much attention because such stories are everywhere.

Recently, I read  a story on Instagram; basically, a guy wanted his ex to take back the curses she placed on him because he dated her for 6 years, lost his parents, the girls’ parents took him in, fended for him up until masters level, now he has a good job and is doing well, then suddenly realizes that the girl ( His girlfriend) who’s now 30 years old would be better as a sister. He breaks up with her and in four months, our brother is engaged to a yummy 22 year old. Plenty sad tales, I can’t keep up!

Sorry about the long story, we all know break ups happen and some relationships are not meant to last a life time so there’s really no biggie about break ups. Cry if you have to but by all means move on. But when a kidney is involved! It is the ‘biggiest’of all biggies!

Question of the day: WOULD YOU DONATE YOUR KIDNEY TO SAVE YOUR BOYFRIEND’S/ GIRLFRIEND’S LIFE? Or What is the craziest thing you would do for love?

MY ANSWER, No I won’t! I will not even consider it. I will hold his hands through dialysis and pray for him that he finds a donor. I will not even get tested to see if we have matching whatever! I just would not. Now, if it were to be a husband/father of my children, my answer may be different.

Please let me know your answers in the comment box below. Ladies and gentlemen, would you donate your kidney to a boyfriend/girlfriend that you are very much in love with?


How is the weekend so far? Have a fabulous new week!

According to Larz



  1. Hi Larz,

    Ah! This is an epic question. XD

    I’m still scratching my head on this one, it’s an awkward dilemma. I’ve learned that when a palava is fraught with uncomfortable “what ifs?”, then one might need to have first-hand experience before they can be absolutely certain of their reaction.


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