It’s becoming some sort of tradition for apologies to flow on this page. I am not trying to be irresponsible, it’s just that I have been weird and I feel like life is beating me with a baseball bat. I would have preferred the proverbial lemon so I can make lemonade but what do I do with a baseball bat? Beat my enemies? LOL

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Let’s get to the post of the day. I decided that after my fake ass apology. I would catch you up on the things I’ve been up to.  I have some activities lined up in the next few weeks I don’t know if I should vlog!? Should I? Please epp me, tell me in the comment section.

I have also decided to do a question and answer video/blog post! So let the questions roll in! YOU CAN ASK ME ANYTHING, NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS! YAY!?

A few things I’ve gotten up to while I was away.

  1. Work: Guys! I feel like Rhianna did that Work song for me because my life has been all about work work work work work *fails at wiggling the bum*


  1. I attended a wedding! Yes, everyone knows I do not like to attend weddings mostly because emotions are high and I have to smile at people I do not like… oh and the Nigerian aunties that pray for you as though you’re the unfortunate single one!? Yes those ones… they irk me.

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  1. I got ill. As in Body shutting down, blood pressure messing up, malaria, typhoid, and a bit of infection here and there… I got super ill and I tried to power through it. I went to the hospital, got Injection and medication and kept going to work as though nothing was wrong until something became wrong. Hey! We are thankful, my health is restored and I am back to my workaholic insomniac factory setting.


  1. I attended a party. With man. No, I won’t say more! I don’t want to talk about my love life because it’s under construction and I feel like I don’t want to jinx it… I hate that man is always a factor tho! What can I do I love men! (Wow! that came out wrong) you get the message ba!? Oya lets go!


  1. I fucked up my Christian life. Well, from my perspective. I know God sees me through rose coloured glasses and he’s not judging me but somehow I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve fucked shit up. The worst part is that I’ve been shying away from communication. Did I tell you about life and the base ball bat?


  1. I started a Natural hair community/company. It’s still in its early stage but you can follow me on Instagram HERE


What have you been up to? Let’s share in the comment section. Trust me; I am glad to be back!





  1. I am glad you are well now, health-wise. Welcome back. I empathize with “work, work, work” and “fucked up Christian life.” Our consolation is that things will be alright soon. We have to believe that.


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