This is hot gist! Grab your coffee and read of how I disgraced myself last night! LOL

So, if you’re my family member on this blog, you’ll know I have a penchant for falling down! It’s not just because I am clumsy as fuck, it’s also because I walk with a little too much confidence. You know, when you are on new terrain, one would still walk small small abi, learning the road. Ahh not me, I will be behaving like the honourable in charge of that constituency and be walking like politician.


So yesterday night, I went somewhere with guess who!? And I was walking away o, guess what? I tumbled and next thing I am on the floor! Colour me bruised and embarrassed! *hot tears*

I’m on the concrete like epp me! 


I landed on my right palm and right knee and I must tell you it hurt like hell! To make it worse, I busted out laughing because all I could think of was the time I fell down in front of ‘The place’ in GRA. And I was basically trying to compare, which incident was more embarrassing! I know! I am a mess.

just like feem trick! chai!


I have had more embarrassing falls but this one was bad cos I was embarrassing someone else.  Sigh

Image result for memes about falling down
This was my case! i have suffered! 

So my brethren and sistren, that is how I landed on the ground in the middle of complex o, I gently picked up my belongings and strolled to le motor!


Much more than my hurt right palm and right knee, I felt sorry for “guess who” because it is his terrain! Everyone knows him there and they are kinda like friends… so he’s the guy whose babe fell down in the middle of complex!


Well, he has just had his first taste of my public clumsiness, let’s hope he will not leave me for a more “put together” babe. Oh well!

I wont lie. i blame aliens… or the people in my village! 



My weekend was amazing! the fall inclusive. I am very tempted to share pictures…

Have yourself an amazing week!



8 thoughts on “YAKATA PT 2

  1. Hi Larz,

    I saw “hot gist” and knew I had to read this. Lol @ “politician walk”.

    Ah, any lady who can still laugh at herself under such circumstances is a super star, I’m certain Mr. ‘Guess Who’ knows that too.

    I hope your knee and palm weren’t too badly bruised. 🙂


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