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Yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend and we talked about a lot of stuff, what really stood out to me however is the possibility of relationships to die a natural (rather sudden ) death.

We fall in love, we either leave, or get left or we are yanked off the love relationship but the point is that relationships end and we must move on.

People come and go and somehow your life has to remain intact. I remember saying to him (said friend) that people will come and go, but you cannot let them take a piece of you every time they leave. If you let them, what will remain? As human beings it’s easy for us to get carried away by emotions and feelings and we let the world erode our personality, charm and sense of self worth.

This got me thinking of other emotions apart from love, do you get angry and just boil over like a pot of spaghetti? Or you are the type to cry at every opportunity and you do not want to remain like that? The idea is that we are made a certain way and while we may not be able to change who we are we can work on what we have so we can become the best version of ourselves.

I like it when people think Lara doesn’t feel a thing, she’s got a heart of stone etc

I laugh quietly and let them say.

I have learnt over the years that freaking out will not change anything. I have also learnt that when people leave you and you feel like dying, it’s a temporary situation. Time indeed heals,

No matter how intense a feeling is, it will cool down with time and hey! We mustn’t make permanent decisions because of a temporary situation.

I have learnt to do my emotional pushups and so should you. You must learn that emotions are fleeting. Anger is for a moment and you wouldn’t want to ruin lives and then turn around and have to live with your decisions.

I still hurt; everybody hurts but we must know better than to freak out because solider go, solider come, barracks go remain.

This made me think of emotional well being along the lines of physical wellness, the same way you strengthen your physical bodies by exercising, you can strengthen your emotional self as well.

Consider the following points.

When you’re in an emotional situation…

  1. Don’t react right away
  2. Find a healthy outlet
  3. Replace your thoughts
  4. Stop and refocus
  5. In cases of anger, when you calm down hash out issues. Don’t sweep things under the rug, run the risk of being petty but talk about what angers you. Sweeping things under the rug will only make such issues into triggers.


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