W is for Rant!

w is for rant!


Hey people, I am back from Republic du Benin!

I was going to share photos from my mini trip but there are better things to be discussed!

I have been quiet lately about Nigeria and its very many issues. Oh sorry, I mean our very many issues. Why in 2016 is a blogger arrested for posting his political opinion on his blog. I wish I could say this is a low but we all know that there haven’t been that many highs in the history of human rights in Nigeria.

I am worried about Nigeria. A place where extra judicial killings go unquestioned and the life of individuals mean almost nothing to the government who swore to protect its citizens. Our dear country where people’s rights and freedoms mean nothing and everyone is above the law for the right price.

I am worried about Nigeria because the rich do whatever they like with the poor and the middle class is just a few of us grasping at whatever dignity we have left.

Let me tell you a story.

Last week Friday, I got a new client. My first instinct was to listen to him and send him on his merry way because he had serious body odour and his halitosis was making my office spin. When I started to listen I started to feel some anger, then it became rage because I couldn’t hear him anymore. Basically, some rich area man had him and his daughter arrested for disturbing the peace because he followed his daughter to ask for her 5 months’ salary being owed by said “rich” man. He allegedly bribed the police and asked that the man be charged with abduction of his 18 year old that left home in January 2016. I know, it sounds crazy.

That was how I felt too. Long story short; my client and his daughter spent 4 days in police detention, got  charged to court and then spent one month in prison custody before they could perfect bail. Now I was pissed and decided to take the case pro bono. Actually, I was to be in court this morning but the case got adjourned per judiciary holiday.

There I was planning my next line of action; twitter explodes with the story of how a blogger was arrested by EFCC!! I am stunned then I remembered that Zakzaky has been in detention for over 7 months held by the army despite the voices of well meaning Nigerians the government has turned a deaf ear.

I have noticed that this new administration has a perfectly rehearsed deaf ear and blind sight. They ignore major issues and give a bear hug, a space on their laps to herdsmen who need to be curtailed. Don’t get me started on the issue extra judicial killings by law enforcement and the perfect way it’s being ignored.

The topic I must not mention today would be the shameful crop of Nigerians we call the National Assembly… not today!


I am going to stop my rant here.

Let me just tell you, the government of Nigeria does not have your interest at heart unless you are a 1000 naira note.

Since I have been born, the only thing consistent with Nigerian leaders is the penchant to fill their deep pockets with the ever failing naira and your human rights mean nothing to them. And… please what is infrastructure!?



PS; I am worried about Nigeria.

According toLarz.


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