RE: Women must accept FGM to reduce libido & match sexually-weak men’ – Egyptian MP

This headline and its content has had me dumbfounded for a few days, I have been trying to find the words but I am still at a loss. I definitely didn’t want to forget about the incident and not react that’s why I am doing this post.

I would have loved to do a video response to this issue but I decided to write here.

Women over the years have been treated as second class citizens; we have been marginalized and down trodden. Over the years, we have achieved some level of freedom but it’s sickening how the world expects us to have freedom but not too much freedom, have a voice but it can’t be too loud, you can be a feminist but can’t be extreme, you can have sex but not as much as the man.

Everyone seems to know what is best for the woman and they have no issue telling us what to do. It is time for society to shut up and find out what the woman actually wants.


Female genital mutilation is an archaic practice that has been outlawed in most parts of Africa. This is a huge feat and we are proud of the progress. Egypt however has no problems with taking us back to the Stone Age where the hatred of the female specie was a factor that unified our disgustingly patriarchal society.

I would like to shed some light on what female genital mutilation is.

Basically, when a female child is born into the female hating African society, she is subjected to circumcision. Now there are several types. I will explain the two major types.

1.    The clitoris is cut off with a razor in the most unhygienic situations and without anesthesia of any kind. The clitoris and some part of the labia minora is removed because it is believed that females with clitoris are promiscuous.

2.    This other type involved the above, but then the opening of the vagina is sown up and then upon marriage, the husband uses a razor to cut open the vagina opening and takes his prize.

Why would anyone want to subject anyone to such gruesome treatment?

It is not news that women are seen as commodity, in some parts of Africa, a man’s wife is inherited by whoever inherits his belongings after death. Women all over the world have worked so hard to get us from this tragic state and launch us into the century where we have rights and can make decisions.

The reason why FGM is being encouraged in Egypt is even more tragic. Women are encouraged to accept FGM because their men have weak libido and so FGM would help reduce sexual appetite in women to match that of the men?

What is wrong with the world? Why can we not see women as human beings who deserve respect and the ability to make decisions bothering on their lives? Oh! Sorry their vagina! The vagina is your most personal area, a sanctuary of some sorts and yet you can’t have control over it?

Gender equality is a cause that must be pursued with more tenacity that ever, it is time to educate the world, the men and everyone who will listen on the real issues surrounding this cause. People need to understand that feminists aren’t a group of men hating women, it is a group of people who in spite of race, creed and gender believe that human beings are different but equal and we must be treated the same.

If there is no need to control men’s sexual libido by altering their genitals, same courtesy must be extended to women.

Female circumcision is inhumane, cruel and criminal and it must be stopped not encouraged.

I am pained.





  1. Ok, just 2 questions on the PM’s quote above;
    1. So how am I to know that I’ll be married to a sexually weak man, or I just get cut just in case I do and what if I don’t?
    2. Why on earth do I have to compensate for another “human’s” sexual weakness?

    From where I come from, growing up I used to see it being done to my mates so they don’t “follow boys” and it was usually accompanied with seclusion (fattening room) shopping for the girl, church blessing, festivities, eating and drinking. We used to envy those girls and when I asked my mum why we didn’t do it in my family, she in her usual manner responded “who has time for such rubbish” when I threw tantrums about it (because of the attention given to the girl at the time) she told me that I do not yet know the blessing I have and boy she was right!
    Now, over the years I’ve kept in touch with some of my mates who went through that and I tell you, I thank my mother everyday for not letting me go that route.


  2. This is laughable! I don’t even know which one is funnier between this and the hilarity that is #TheOtherRoom.

    Ah, so women need to shine less brightly to make a dim man feel better.


    1. I know! I feel like no one deserves to be treated the way women get treated. John Lennon was right when he said women are the Nigger of the world. Why else would you want a group of people to dim their light just sow that weak people can shine!?/

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