I am learning to keep stock!

So, last week I posted my 101th blog post and I decided to mark that milestone.

I have been in writing jail for a little over a few months, I had the worst writer’s block I have ever experienced and I wasn’t worried. The fact that I wasn’t worried to death made me worried but I had to focus on my day job, as I need to cover some ground etc.

Last week, I wrote a short story, so effortlessly and that made me appreciate the gift of writing. The words just flowed and like that writer’s block was gone. I do not take this experience for granted, I do not take the ability to use words to paint vivid pictures for granted and I definitely do not take you my readers and friends for granted.

Thank you everyone for the last 100 posts I hope that this time I can be more consistent and I hope that you do not just read, you share and interact as well.

I will be posting a few short stories soon, please read, share and engage with me.

Have a fabulous new week!


According to Larz


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