Body shaming often sounds like a myth; we see it as a distant concept, something that only happens on TV, we cannot fully grasp the depth of hatred on the Internet.

Yesterday was an eye opening day for me because I felt the hate, hate so raw my heart poured with love because all I saw was a damaged young lady who was lashing out.

A lady with the Instagram handle @ladunni dragged my ass on instagram or “fat ass” as she chose to call it.

She had put up a post I found a little extreme and I commented. She replied my comment and we got into some sort of back and forth. The next thing I saw was a message from her calling me a fat ass that should be ashamed!

I was initially taken aback and saw no reason for such words but it dawned on me pretty quickly that I was dealing with a little girl whose sense of self was probably tied to what she looked like and nothing else.

I didn’t feel hurt by her words because I know who I am and a little fat never hurt nobody! LOL

I did not pay much mind, but I had a few free minutes so I decided to engage her in some sort of humorous way, Oh! Did she drag me! At some point in the chat, she recommended that I go jog on third mainland bridge etc.

I am not angry with her, (I don’t know why, maturity I guess) or maybe being called things like amoeba doesn’t get to me. An amoeba is an organism found in water, I on the other hand am a human being, a lawyer at that. Fine as hell and smart as fuck!

I was particularly surprised at her ammunition of choice (My weight),  I wondered why she automatically saw herself as better than me because of my weight.

This drew my attention to young girls who kill, hurt themselves and struggle with mental health because some mean girl like @ladunni got a hold of their self esteem.

It is safe to assert that @ladunni is a mean girl and should be stopped. The Internet is free for all but when a person goes to the extent of trying to destroy other people they need to be checked.

I considered letting this mess go but as a human rights advocate, a feminist and girl child activist, I owe it to every young girl out there to speak up against this less than smart weight police.

This is for me, and every girl who has been bullied into silence on account of weight, race, creed or looks. This is for young girls who need to know that one’s value is not in how they look but in their intellect, wisdom and how they treat others.

This is my stand against cyber bullying, this is my stand against mean girls, and I am speaking up today to make sure that every girl out there owns her beauty, sexuality and intelligence. Do not ever feel sorry for being you; obese, thick, skinny, hot, damp or cold, we are all human beings and we deserve to be respected.

See below the amazing conversation I had with @ladunni







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