Let’s cut to the chase!

Violence against women is a human rights violation. It is usually a consequence of discrimination against women both in law and practice. Gender inequality is the ground upon which violence against women stand, it is the bedrock of this menace and until we humanize women and ensure that both genders enjoy the same socio economic rights, fundamental human rights amongst others we may not be able to end gender based violence.

It is very difficult to not get emotional about issues like this, I wonder what justification a man has to treat his wife like a dog, it is much more disturbing to see how women are treated in public. I have had several experiences where I was attacked just because I was a woman and that fact in their minds, made me automatically inferior!  In my next post, you will see the story of how a “Keke Napep”  guy attacked me, called me ordinary woman and how he would beat me up for some reason.

I find is scary to find that up until 2012, 50% of homicide involving female victims was as a result of Domestic violence, we cannot simply keep our mouths shut and wish this away, we must stand up to end it.

In the next 15 days, we shall on this blog advocate, educate and sensitize, we shall do our part in the active elimination and eradication of  violence against women. This is a call for contributions, we would totally appreciate if you would take some time out and write a piece on this topic and submit to us for publishing. Thank you in advance!

Together let’s Orange The World!!!

According to Larz…


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