One of my favourite fitness things to do is to attend spin class and I swear it is not because I enjoy standing on the pedal and twerking to gym music. You know, I used to be fit (I know, I know, I get am before no be property) but I never like spinning. I would see people do it and wonder why they want to destroy their knees. A few months ago, I attended my first spin class. The instructor was fine as hell and so I tried my best to not be sloppy. That didn’t work, it is not possible to do great at your first spin class and this is a fact.

However, I must mention that after the class I could not stand on my feet. I sat on the floor of the class for about 15 minutes before summoned the courage to scrape up what was left of my dignity and crawled home. So, as it turns out, I wasn’t only sloppy, I was finished. I even forgot to smile at the fine instructor.

Maintaining a fitness routine is difficult and exercising while fat is even more gruesome. I will never write about the ignoramuses that stare at my giggling bottom as I struggle with treadmill, the idiots who walk up to you and start to give random lectures about blood sugar and the “others.” I might write about the others because it might become important someday.

The others are the ones who are friendly with you because they think you lack self-esteem and would fuck them. I usually just ignore and if I am pushed, I say something like— take your stupid, minimum wage ass, no ambition, muscular with no future value out of my sight right now. Literally, get lost and never turn up on my side of the gym ever again. (I swear, I am not angry!)

Spin class was difficult the first few times and what kept me going was the pain I felt afterwards. The pain was weird; it wasn’t the kind of pain that made you stay away from the stimulus. It was good, it felt like growth and when I take a step I hear bangdengdeng. The pain made me feel like I was accomplishing something and so I got stuck to spin class.

Three weeks ago, a new trainer took the class and kept showing us different routines. Most of the new routines included riding the bike without arm support. I was so afraid to take my hands of the spinner because it felt as though my weight will rest on one side and I will fall off. I kept imagining taking my hands off and the entire machine topples over, I lose a tooth and break a hip. I will not just be fat; I would be lacking a tooth and need a hip replacement? I am too fat for this shit. I concluded and kept my hands on the stationary bike.

I am still exploring my fitness choices but spinning is saying with me. The problem now is, I have been attending beginner’s classes and now I don’t feel the pain as bad anymore. Why is my body Oliver twist? I am not mentally ready to join intermediate spin class because I’m not ready for the new challenges of that class, I can only imagine that the acrobatics will be more and I have not gotten over my fear of falling off the bike.

So, I have finally decided to continue the series so, every week, a new post will go up chronicling my experiences exercising while fat.




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